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November 7, 2012
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"(g/n) is upset again..." Antonio said.
"What's wrong this time?" You asked.
"Well," Antonio began to tell you, but all of a sudden the call was cut off! "Sorry, (Name)! Anyways, (g/n) is mad at my joke."
"She doesn't understand your humor, does she?" You questioned bluntly. Antonio laughed.
"I guess not!"

It was a Tuesday night, and what were you doing? Sitting on your bed, chatting with Antonio over the phone.

"(g/n) doesn't like the kind of music I listen to. She says I should listen to (d/s) more instead of (p/s)." Antonio said. You gasped.
"(p/s) is amazing though! Can't she respect what you listen to?"
"I don't know...thanks for talking to me though, (Name)!"
"You're welcome. Call me if you need someone to talk to, okay?"
"I will. See you at school tomorrow, (Name)!"

(g/n) wore really short skirts and V-necks, while you wore normal jeans and T-shirts. She's the cheer captain and you're in Orchestra. You wish Antonio would open his eyes and see that (g/n) just wants him for his looks and riches.

"You're the only girl that understands me, (Name)."

You and Antonio decided to hang out today. The two of you walked around town, doing whatever comes to mind. You noticed he was wearing his worn-out jeans. They were worn-out because he liked to wear it often. You and Antonio sat down on a park bench, as he told you a joke. You burst out laughing and thought, "Hey, isn't this easy?"

You loved Antonio's smile. It could light up the whole town, but you haven't seen it in a while because Antonio was a bit down. Why? (g/n).

"Are you okay?" You asked.
"I'm fine."
"You don't look fine to me." You thought.

(g/n) wears high heels, honestly, how does she walk in those? You liked your sneakers, plain and comfortable.

(g/n) was prettier than you and way more popular though. You weren't much of a social butterfly, prefered to be alone than with a group of people.

You were standing by Antonio's back door, waiting paitently for him. You sighed softly and remembered that once, he drove to your house in the middle of the night, all because you were a bit upset at something. Antonio comforted you all night, he was way too kind for (g/n).

A knock was heard. You wiped your tears and ran down the stairs. "Coming!" You shouted. You opened the door and stared. "An-Antonio? What are you doing?! You should be sleeping right now!"
"That's true, but I wanted to make sure you were okay. You didn't sound okay over the phone, so..."
"I didn't know you'd literally come over here for me." Antonio hugged you.
"It's all gonna be fine now, don't worry, (Name)." Tears slowly streaked down your cheeks.
"Antonio...I..." You sobbed on his shoulder as he patted your back.
~End Flashback~

(g/n) doesn't belong with Antonio at all, even though the saying is "Opposites attract."

You could make him laugh, you knew when he was about to cry, you know all of his favorite songs, and Antonio tells you all about his dreams.

"Can't you see that I'm the one who understands you?" You whispered to yourself. The back door opened. Antonio pulled you into a hug.

"I'm sorry, (Name). Are you all right? It's freezing out there!" You smiled.
"I'm okay, Antonio. You don't need to worry! The question is, are you okay?" The Spaniard was silent.
"I...broke up with (g/n)."
"Yo-you did?" Antonio nodded.
"It's hard keeping up with her, you know?"
"I understand." You took a deep breath and decided to confess to him.

"Yes, (Name)?"
"I..." You closed your eyes. "I think I'm in love."
"Really? With who?"
"You." Antonio looked surprised.
"(Name), I don't know if I can handle it yet...can we just be friends for now?"
"That's fine, I just wanted to get it off my chest."
"Thanks for understanding, (Name)." He hugged you again and the two of you stood there, embracing the silence.

~Time Skip~
"Yes, Antonio?" He just kissed you. You stood there, surprised.
"I love you. Remember that conversation a couple years ago?" You nodded. "Well, I think I can return the feelings now." You gave him a kiss on his nose.
"I love you too, Antonio." You had never been this happy before in your life! You hoped that the two of you will have a wonderful relationship, unlike (g/n).

~Extended Ending~
(g/n) stood in the rain. "Omigod where is (b/n)?!"
He never arrived.
Just to let you know-
g/n: Girl(friend's) Name
d/s: Disliked Singer
p/s: Prefered Singer
b/n: Boy(friend's) Name

So this time I tried "You Belong With Me!" :iconotlplz:
I apologize deeply if it failed!

The song You Belong With Me belongs to Taylor Swift. [link]

Antonio/Spain belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya!

You belong to you. I think. :DDD
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NatureTune Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2014  Student General Artist
I think it`s more awesome than Prussia himself!! :squee:
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Just when I saw the word orchestra I felt sad because I had a decision where I go to band or orchestra and I chose band because I felt like I wanna try new instruments...
Gomenasai! Sorry for rambling, forgive me? :iconimsorryplz:
oh~! nice job! I literally kept thinking of he song "You Belong With Me" as I read this! and it just made my day a whole lot better! Great job!
XJumpinJellyBeansX Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2013
uh if someone rejected u it would hit me right in the stomache which im feeling right now (weeps)
Female-Canada Featured By Owner Nov 4, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
It's weird,
Any female bully name insert or girlfriend is Selena Gomez
and for the guys its Justin Beiber
ChromaticAdmin Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
i didn't realize it was 'You Belong With Me' until i looked in the dec. Phinie has failed:iconotlplz:
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Its so Awesome!

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